Is located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. The closest international airport is Natal, 95 km away. Other options are the international airport of João Pessoa (in the State of Paríba), 125 km, and Recife (in the State Pernambuco), 225 km. La Bonita provides transfers to and from all three airports, with a driver and car. By road: the town is more or less equidistant from Natal and João Pessoa. From Natal, take BR-101, and after Cuanguaretama take RN-062 for about 17 km. Coming from João Pessoa, take the BR-101, and then turn right onto the RN-602 before Canguaretama. Located on the Natal coastline 75 km south of state capital Natal, the beach town of Baia Formosa is a nature lover’s paradise and is surrounded by miles of semi deserted beaches, lagoons, sand dunes, natural pools and truly lush and green tropical vegetation. The area is famous for its stunning natural beauty and attracts visitors from all over the world who come here to witness the paradisiacal nature and the best of a trendy, yet relaxed and tropical Brazilian lifestyle.

Until now, Baia Formosa is a very small and quiet village with fishing as the main activity. Now beginning to change started when the surfers from all over Brazil and abroad came to Baia Formosa looking for some of the best surf in the northeast of Brazil. Slowly simple restaurants opened up along with new inns and bars, and it did not take long before progress took its own course. Ever since, each year more and more Brazilians and foreigners alike fall in love with Baia Formosa and come here to settle down permanently and call Baia Formosa their new home.

Baia Formosa today has small boutique style hotels, and some restaurants. Baia Formosa Brazil is still a small village where life is very much in harmony with nature and the place offers peace and tranquility combined with a degree of sophistication. As building regulations are very strict in Baia Formosa and the area is surrounded by a nature reserve, Baia Formosa will never become an overbuilt area and the high quality and exclusivity of this tropical paradise is guaranteed for the future Baia Formosa is a very charming place. One of the many beauties with Baia Formosa Brasil is that the atmosphere is very relaxed with people dressed in shorts and slippers, and Brazilians and foreigners, young and old, blend together and have a good time in this laid back cosmopolitan tropical paradise. To see an example of charming and well managed properties in Baia Formosa, please view our selection of property for rent in Baia Formosa.


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